The Qualcomm Toq occupies this awkward space in the smartwatch race. Like the Pebble, it uses a display similar to e-ink that sacrifices fancy animations and responsiveness for battery life, only it manages to one-up its competitor by supporting more colors than black and white. Unfortunately, at $349, it's even more expensive than the already ludicrously overpriced Galaxy Gear. Yet for people who purchased one anyway, version 1.3 introduces new features and major bug fixes that should make using the watch a more pleasant experience.

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The update applies both to the watch and the companion app. After it's done, the Toq will track your activity each day, awarding points for even the slightest movement of your arm. Think scoring 24 points just for shaking your phone a few times with your watch hand.

This feature is joined by the addition of new watch faces and the option to see the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

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New functionality is cool and all, but this may be one case where the most exciting aspect of the update is a bug fix. The companion app has a list of apps that are allowed to send notifications to the watch, but these would annoyingly get unchecked whenever they were updated. This meant notifications were disabled until you made the conscious effort to re-enable them. If you weren't aware Hangouts updated first thing this morning, then you could go the entire day unknowingly missing messages. This bug may not have affected all devices, but it certainly afflicted Artem's Galaxy Note 3. Following the update, however, the situation has been resolved, and apps now remain checked following updates.

What's new:

  • New “World Clock” clock style allows you to toggle through the local time and weather in your favorite cities
  • New Activity Applet (Beta) monitors your activity while wearing Toq and tracks your activity “points” over a 24 hour period. View a history of your daily activity point totals in the Toq Android app.
  • New ”Activity” clock style shows the time plus your current activity ‘points’ at a glance
  • Adds ability to select temperature scale in either Celsius or Fahrenheit