Android 4.4.2 is reaching the Moto X on T-Mobile today, which passed the recent soak test with flying colors. The update notification will be presenting itself soon, but you can also just head into the settings and check for updates manually. Yes, this is one of those rare times the update button will actually do something.

wm_2014-02-10 23.24.51 wm_2014-02-10 23.30.37 wm_2014-02-10 23.32.51

The 4.4.2 update clocks in at 146.7MB, which is a little hefty for a small version number bump. The changelog for version 161.44.25 lists the following changes.

  • Added support for printing photos, Google Docs, GMail messages, and other content via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and hosted services like Google Cloud Print and HP ePrinters.
  • Fixed bugs which caused a small number of users to experience shorter battery life after upgrading to Android 4.4.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause email services like Microsoft Exchange to experience intermittent delays in data synchronization.

This variant of the device is actually an unlocked GSM device, so you might be using it on another network. That shouldn't affect the update. The installation should take about five minutes, so get to it.

wm_2014-02-11 01.41.46

Note: Rooted folks with TWRP or CWM need to flash back to the stock recovery to install this update. Failing to do so could result in boot loops.