You can't just run down to the corner (or Amazon) and pick up one of Samsung's new Pro tablets, but the source code is already posted for a number of these devices. Samsung's open source site now lists KitKat downloads for two versions of the TabPRO 10.1 (its first appearance), as well as some new variants of the NotePro 12.2.

2014-02-10 14_01_07-Open Source Release Center

TabPRO 10.1 in WiFi (SM-T520) and LTE (SM-T525) both clock in at 1.4GB. The NotePRO 12.2 with 3G (SM-P901) and LTE (SM-P905) are also 1.4GB downloads. That's a fair bit larger than the 1.1GB package for the WiFi-only NotePro. These downloads aren't going to do regular users much good, but they help developers better support the products and maybe get some cool ROMs going.

2014-02-10 14_01_41-Open Source Release Center

[Samsung Open Source: NotePro 12.2, TabPRO 10.1]