Knight Rider may have starred David Hasselhoff, but it was his autonomous car that stole the show. This Pontiac Trans Am could talk, had bulletproof glass, and, most distinctively, featured a prominent set of red lights on the front for eyes. Two decades later, we still can't cram most of KITT's functionality into a car, but a new Indiegogo project can help us replicate what matters most, those distinctive LED lights. Rollin' Eyes accent lights, customizable via an Android app, promise users the ability to make their cars flash and flicker with all the personality of a vehicle packing more of a brain.

Rollin' Eyes come in two form-factors, a strip (a la KITT) or a circle. The lights are waterproof, shock resistant, and bright enough to use in the daytime. More interesting, though, is the ability to customize them via Bluetooth using an Android app. There is a street mode for use while driving (white LEDs in the front, red in the back) and a show mode for impressing others. Users can create light shows with up to 99 steps, and here is a video sample of many of the possible effects.

The Indiegogo project is over halfway to completing its 7,500 euro funding goal. There are still 33 days left to contribute, with 149 euros being the cheapest way to claim a set of Rollin' Eyes. Anyone who does so won't have long to wait. Delivery is expected sometime next month.

Rollin' Eyes: create your own LED light show, on your phone