You might have noticed something missing from the Play Store in the last few days. One-click theming app Themer Beta by MyColorScreen was pulled from Google Play late on February 2nd due to a copyright complaint from Apple. When it will return is not clear, but it's probably not going to be immediate.


The issue stems from Themer's "Seven" theme, which you can see above. This is, admittedly, an obvious clone of iOS 7 – Apple pointed to the icons in Seven as the infringing content. There are over 200 themes in Themer, but this one complaint was enough for Google to remove the app, citing the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in the automated email sent to the Themer developers.

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The team immediately removed the offending content, hoping Google would restore the app in short order. However, here we are a week later and no dice. Google doesn't have a direct point of contact for developers in this situation, so there's no way to know when Google will certify the app is properly sterilized. The developers are preparing for a wait as long as several weeks, but they won't be distributing Themer as a manual download in the meantime. The team plans to push quickly to a 1.0 non-beta release and doesn't want users running an older build that was sideloaded during this standoff.