Quick, what's the most hated company in mobile gaming today? If you answered EA, Zynga, or Gamevil, well, you might be right. But the answer I was looking for was "King," creator of Candy Crush Saga and two of the most ridiculous copyright stories in recent memory. After the company trademarked the word "Candy" in all applications for video games and apparel, a few cheeky developers decided to risk the wrath of King's lawyers and release candy-themed apps on iOS and Android. Intern Saga: Trademark Lawyer takes a (slightly) more subtle approach to its parody.

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Intern Saga comes from The Men Who Wear Many Hats, creators of the equally quirky Organ Trail. You play as an intern working for a skeevy lawyer. Your firm represents a somewhat familiar gaming company that's fond of overly broad trademark filings. As the intern, it's your job to find random apps on your Totally Not An iPhone that might infringe your client's copyright, then send a tasteful cease and desist letter. Get it right and you'll earn a few bucks for each app successfully taken down, and you'll get closer and closer to paying off your crippling student debt. Get it wrong too many times and you're fired.

You couldn't call Intern Saga discreet - the title alone is risking the wrath of King's real lawyers, who came down hard on indie PC strategy game "The Banner Saga" (which has an actual saga in it, as opposed to a Bejeweled rip-off) when the developers filed for their own trademark. The humor in the game is as basic as the graphics, but it's an interesting bit of social commentary nonetheless. If you'd like to check it out, Intern Saga is free (like Candy Crush Saga!) with no in-app purchases (not like Candy Crush Saga).