The Battery Guru app from Qualcomm promises to learn how you use your phone and make small tweaks to improve battery life. Glance, a new app from Qualcomm, uses that same usage data to build an intelligent lock screen. Battery Guru is required, so that means this is a Snapdragon-only experience.

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Glance integrates a lot of supposedly intelligent features that tailor themselves to your usage. It lists upcoming appointments, apps you might want to use, frequent contacts, and the weather (because everything has to show the weather). There's a bit of customization to be done if you don't like the way Glance organizes things, but the idea is that you just let it do its thing.

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The visuals are not bad, but it's not exactly lovely either. It's probably more about functionality than design, and it is a beta. This app is free and should work on most Snapdragon-powered phones.

The app was not found in the store. :-(