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Any decent bank heist movie always has one common hurdle for the would-be thieves: a regularly changing access code to the vault, and only one person knows what it is. Haven't you ever wanted that kind of security on your phone? This is now possible with TimePIN, a light-weight app that changes the access code to your lockscreen every minute.


TimePIN comes to us from developer Justin Case, who is also known for quite a few of the rooting tools used throughout the modding community. The idea is really quite simple. As long as the lockscreen is visible, your PIN code will be updated with a new number every minute.

Codes are derived from the digits on your system clock. For example, you might unlock your phone by typing 1027 when the clock reads 10:27. However, that is the just the simplest case - 3 modifier patterns are available to add a little more complexity: reverse, mirror, and double. There is also a custom offset option that can add or subtract from the generated PIN. All of these can be stacked together depending on how you want your PIN to be. The developer has told me that there are still quite a few modifiers planned, so keep an eye out for more options. Tapping on the ‘Demo PIN’ option will pop up a toast message with a PIN generated from your current settings.

You will basically have your code printed right on the screen, but nobody will ever know it. Not only will this make it less daunting to remember your PIN, it will totally confuse anybody who tries to learn it by peering over your shoulder. Even brute-force tactics will have a harder time breaking in.

TimePIN doesn’t require root to do its thing, but you will have to tap a couple of buttons when it first launches to authorize it as a 'Device Administrator.' Since the process is very efficient and only runs while the lockscreen is visible, there’s no reason to worry about battery usage.

You can pick up TimePIN from the Play Store for free, but you will be limited to the default and Reverse patterns. A single in-app purchase of $1.99 unlocks the Pro version, which includes all of the current and future pattern modifiers, plus any additional options and features. If you're at all concerned with keeping people out of your phone or tablet, whether they are stealing it or just trying to mess with you, this is an excellent and very convenient way to keep it locked tight.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

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