Warning: if you just woke up (howdy, West Coast readers) you might want to wait a minute or two before hitting "play" on that video. It has 300% of your daily recommended amount of color. Avoid  - Sensory Overload is a typical endless runner, at least if you only look at its core elements; you fly around trying not to hit stuff. But that's a pretty inadequate way of describing the experience.

Avoid is like sliding down a rainbow into a Crayola factory. It's like Bedazzling an entire jumpsuit in preparation for a laser light show. It's like jumping into a pool of the toxic waste from behind Lisa Frank's workshop. Bumping up the brightness on your screen before playing Avoid may actually be dangerous. The game itself is pretty simple, a procedurally-generated endless tunnel with stationary and moving obstacles and power-ups, sort of like the original Zaxxon with les shooting. But the music and trippy visuals make the game more or less a legal acid trip.

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The 3D visuals and perspective remind me a lot of Sega's REZ, albeit in a simplified form, and anyone who appreciates techno or electronic music should get a kick out of it. Avoid is $1.20 and unfortunately it includes in-app purchases.

The app was not found in the store. :-(