As a technology obsessed individual (hey, you're the one reading an Android blog), you probably take things like external batteries and travel routers on trips. Well, there's a product that can take the place of multiple devices, and it's on sale. The HooToo TripMate Wireless N Router has a built-in battery to keep your devices juiced up and offers wireless access to USB storage. This thing is kind of like a mobile Swiss Army knife... without all the knives and stuff.


The TripMate has an ethernet port to turn a wired signal into wireless, but it can also act as a bridge connection. The USB plug on the bottom does double duty – it can be used to charge your devices with the TripMate's 5200mAh battery, or to access a USB storage device wirelessly from your device. The TripMate should run for about 15-20 hours as a router, but that goes down if you start charging devices with it too.

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This product is usually $49.99, though the list price is $89.99. Still $10 off a product with 4.7/5 stars is a win.

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