The LG G Flex is big, slightly curved, and generally overpriced. Now you can add one more thing to that list - it's available from T-Mobile right on schedule. Anyone who wants to own this phone commitment-free for $672 (or for $28 a month over the course of two years) can do so right away, both online and in stores.


Maybe you have your eyes set on the LG Optimus F3Q instead. Sure, this Android 4.1-running, 1GB of RAM-toting, 4GB of internal memory-packing handset is far from cutting edge, but it's one of the few QWERTY sliders out there. Unfortunately, T-Mobile's asking $312 for it (or $13 a month). That's not exactly compelling considering what things $300 can get you these days, but it should be said that a QWERTY keyboard typically isn't one of them.


Here are links to both devices for your convenience.

LG G Flex on T-Mobile

LG Optimus F3Q on T-Mobile