My N3RD wants to empower you to take control of every gadget in your house, every appliance waiting idly, and every vehicle in your garage using just your smartphone. How, you ask? First, the project needs $50,000. Check. They team has successfully managed to raise over $51,000 with 18 days left to go. Next, watch this video.


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My N3RD is a smart switch that needs to be wired up to whichever product you want to use it with. Therefore users will need a bit of knowledge if they want to get any use out of it. The device has a 32-bit SPARC microprocessor, a Wi-Fi radio, onboard memory, two relays, and a microcontroller.


Outdoor uses for My N3RD include electric gates, boat lifts, hot tubs, and sprinklers. Indoors, imagine taking control of your coffee maker or fireplace. How about the lights? Here are two videos of the product taking control of a garage door.

Yeah, these photos and videos all show off the iPhone, but the developers say they are already working on an Android app. It isn't a stretch goal, so if you're thinking of throwing money at the project, don't worry about that. Calling dibs on a model from the first production run this summer starts at $75. But as usual, waiting to see how this all pans out is completely free.

My N3RD: Connect and Control Anything from Anywhere