We've been pawing through today's Google Search update and one item in particular deserves a little more attention. Some of the cards in Google Now are getting an interesting tweak – they're bundled and have a cool animation when opened.

It looks like this affects the cards for Travel, Research, Interests, and Things To Watch. Press the arrow button and the card expands, sliding up to the top and morphing into the header. You end up in a new card stack, which keeps the main feed nice and clean. It's not the sort of thing you'd notice right away if you don't open these cards regularly, but it does make Now more easy to use.

It looks like the voice search part of the app can also produce one of these cards, but it might be related to the TV show detection. If you don't want to wait for the search update to show up on your device normally, the APK is hosted in our search update post.

[Thanks, +Keneth Sim]