Yes, it's another endless runner. Just hold on a second, though. The Great Martian War is a nice looking game, and the setting is really interesting. The year is 1913 and Earth has been invaded by Martians, War of the Worlds-style. Oh, and the History Channel is involved. Why? Aliens.

You play the role of a lone scout, or chump, as your commanding officers probably say. The goal is to weave through the oncoming waves of Martian invaders without getting blown up or running into anything. It's harder than it sounds. Along the way you pick up items that can be used to upgrade your equipment so you can make it farther next time. Of course, you can buy more supplies with real money.

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Okay, granted, one of those pictures is not from the game. History Channel jokes aside, The Great Martian War has a cool presentation and the graphics are among the best I've ever seen for this sort of game. It's worth checking out.

The Great Martian War
The Great Martian War