Wink It Keyboard may not yet be the most obnoxious Android keyboard, but give it time, it's still in beta. This product comes from the developers of Adaptxt Keyboard, which made a name for itself by being feature-rich and customizable. Wink It's approach is decidedly less useful. Its goal is not to improve your typing. Oh no, it wants to change the way you use emoticons. It sticks various images in the suggestion bar as you type, encouraging you to stick them into your messages more often.

WinkIt1 WinkIt2 WinkIt3

The keyboard actually has two suggestion bars, with the top one showing images related to the first one. This way you can save time by just reaching for the picture that best captures the lengthy word you were planning on typing out the old fashion way.

This is the beta version of the app, and its license will last for 90 days. Go give it a try. I'm sure your friends and family will be oh so glad you did.