Our ancestors had to actually press buttons on their cameras like Neanderthals, but not us. Oh no, your finger doesn't have to anywhere near the shutter button when you have access to a remote shooting app like the one Fujifilm just released in Google Play. When paired with one of Fujifilm's newer cameras, you can manage all the action from your Android device.

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The app allows you to control shooting from the device, which is nice if you want to be in the picture fiddling with your phone instead of behind the camera. The app gives you access to modes, settings, and a live viewfinder feed. You can also review pictures on the camera from your device and save the ones you like to the phone or tablet.

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This app will work with almost any Android device, but you'll need a compatible camera like the S1, X-T1 (body only), or F1000EXR.

FUJIFILM Camera Remote
FUJIFILM Camera Remote