Much of the software we've come to know and love comes fresh out of Silicon Valley, but startup Novel Innovation chose a different region to sprout its vision. There were only a few environments conducive to growing its mobile product, but in the high lands of Denver, Colorado, the team could cultivate their dream unencumbered. With its new app, the company wants to help locals and tourists alike find their way to medicinal and newly legalized marijuana.

Best Buds isn't the most original concept, as it's essentially Foursquare for weed, but the creators aren't delusional about this. They're tapping into the "marijuana legalization green rush" and providing a true service to residents. The app lets users find local dispensaries, look up store hours, and browse product menus. It not only provides directions to the nearest supply, it offers rewards. For example, if you buy ten eighths of weed, you can get one for only $15.


But wait, look at that screenshot again. That's iOS, for sure, but that isn't an iPhone. I'm not particularly sure how this kind of mishap happens, though it does seem like the type that could be brought on by a little too much recreational weed. The screenshots in the Play Store don't help things.

BestBuds2 BestBuds3 BestBuds4

How does the app actually look on Android? Here are screens taken in my corner of the Northeast.

BestBuds5 BestBuds6

Yeah, it's not much use here. But if your team played in this year's Super Bowl, feel free to grab the app below and light her up.

Source: Press Release