Sticking with the cryptozoological theme, the Ouya folks have released the first console update of 2014 and it's called Jackalope. The update should appear on consoles in short order, and you'll have to update if you want to continue playing. However, that won't be the case next time thanks to that Jackalope magic.


This update isn't as radical as the last Abominable Snowman OTA, but there are still some notable features. Here's the full changelog from Ouya.

Full release notes

  • Added a 5-star rating system for games to help gamers find the best quality games.

    • Total rating will be shown on each game’s tile and on the game details page.

    • You can rate a game from the System Menu while in-game.

    • We’ll be changing the criteria for getting out of the Sandbox to incorporate the number of quality ratings.

  • Based on gamer feedback, we’ve added the ability to postpone a system update. Now you don’t have to wait for the update when you’ve got a group of friends over to play Bombsquad.

    • For future updates, you will get a prompt asking if you want to download the update now or later.

    • If you choose to postpone the system update, you can play games but you won’t be able to access DISCOVER or update your games until you perform the update. This is to ensure the best possible experience for these features.

    • We’ll give you a reminder about the system update each time you return to the Home screen because updates are important =)

  • Changed functionality of O and U buttons for downloaded games. O now goes to Game Details and U will launch or update a game. This is to make buttons more consistent within DISCOVER.

  • Better support for navigation with bluetooth and IR remotes – we now respect the “Enter” key in OUYA menus.

  • Based on gamer feedback, added an “overscan compensation” option in the advanced settings under HDMI.

    • A reminder that all games now submitted to OUYA are checked to make sure they are within the safe area. This option is mostly for people running sideloaded apps and older games.

    • This option can impact the visual quality, so keep that in mind when using it.

  • Fixed an issue where the downloads folder in STORAGE wasn’t appearing for some users.

  • Added rank numbers to the “Trending Now” category to make it clear that these games are in O-rank order.

  • Added a quick tutorial for new users to inform them how to properly bring up the System Menu.

The rating system is now built into the platform for every game, You can rate as you go, and the aggregated 1-5 star ratings will appear next to each game, which is actually very useful. The Trending list also makes it more clear it's actually more of a list of top games in order from one to whatever. There is also overscan support in the HDMI settings, which was a much sought after feature. HDMI-CEC, however, isn't going to happen. No, not even in Chupacabra, or whatever the next update is called.

Finally, you no longer have to stop what you're doing when a system update comes through. You can postpone it and still play the games you already have downloaded. To update games or download anything new, you'll have to complete the system update, though.