As Google Glass continues toward an inevitable public release, users (and developers) are still trying to puzzle out exactly what the device is best suited for. There are games, cooking apps, news alert apps, and of course a tidy bundle of Google services in the slowly expanding list of official Glassware. Of course, there's more to Glass than official Glassware. Developers are making some fairly compelling tools for Google's eyeball computer, and Brivo Labs, in an effort to "explore the future of wearable technology," recently published a demonstration of one such tool.

OKDoor, an app that beams visitors to your Glass and allows users to grant (or deny) access with a tap, is actually a demonstration of Brivo's SAM API, a tool Brivo Labs is developing as "a game changer in the way people interact and manage everyday access needs." Of course this includes opening physical doors. Brivo says SAM can authenticate visitors with various credentials, and provisioning access can be hooked into social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

As the quick video below shows, OKDoor essentially functions by beaming footage from your door's camera (assuming there is one) to your sight line, at which point you need only tap twice to unlock the door.

Further details about just how OKDoor works are unclear right now, but Brivo says they'll be showing it off - along with SAM - at SXSW this year. Does the potential of a less-than-warm yet oh-so-automated welcome for your visitors seem compelling enough to make home automation one of Glass' killer apps? Until someone comes up with an answer, check out the links below for more information.

Source: Brivo Labs via David Stallard (Google+), Glass App Source