AT&T's prepaid brand, AIO Wireless is already a pretty cheap alternative to the big post-paid carriers, but now the carrier is reducing the cost of plans, and adding more data to some of them. It gets even better, assuming you're okay with setting up recurring payments. 

2014-02-04 10_25_37-Cell Phone Plans and Features _ No Contract Cell Phone Plans with Unlimited Data

Aio has three main plans that now clock in at $40, $50, and $60 per month. The cheap plan hasn't changed in price, but it now has 500MB of data per month instead of 250MB. The $50 plan is $5 cheaper than it used to be and includes 2.5GB of data, which is a 500MB increase. The top plan is $10 cheaper, down from $70 per month. The 5GB data cap for this plan is unchanged.

In addition to the new prices, customers who set up auto pay will get an extra $5 knocked off the bill each month. All the plans have unlimited talk and text, and you simply get throttled down to 2G speeds when you run through your data cap. Not a bad deal for access to AT&T's LTE network.