OmniROM is getting a lot of attention from serial ROM flashers, and that lot tends to be pretty flighty – there must be something to this one. Now, the developers have added a new feature that might pique your interest. The latest nightlies of OmniROM include a new app switcher called OmniSwitch. Alternative app switchers are not an entirely new idea, but OmniSwitch looks to have a number of interesting features.

Screenshot_2014-01-31-21-29-30 Screenshot_2014-01-31-21-29-02 Screenshot_2014-01-31-21-29-43

You launch OmniSwitch just like PIE controls in Paranoid Android – just swipe in from the active edge of the screen and you get a list of recent apps, favorites, navigation buttons, application control, and RAM usage. Of course, this is all configurable in the settings. The developers chose to implement this as an app in OmniROM so users could choose to use it or not. The upshot of this is that OmniSwitch can be packaged as an app for installation on other ROMs.

Screenshot_2014-01-31-21-29-57 Screenshot_2014-01-31-21-30-09 Screenshot_2014-01-31-21-42-53

Most of OmniSwitch's features will work with the standalone version, but to get full control it needs to be installed as a system app on Android 4.4.x. The code is open source, and the developers plan to link to a standalone app soon. Until then, anyone curious can grab the latest OmniROM builds to check it out.