Lockscreen feeling a little boring? Why not toss the whole thing out and try something different? Many third-party lockscreens are a bit awkward and lack features, but SlideLock seems like it does some cool stuff. SlideLock stands in for your stock lockscreen and replicates the notifications from the notification shade so you can deal with them without unlocking the phone.

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SlideLock has a clean interface with a clock, date, and custom (optional) status bar. You can slide the screen to the side to unlock the device, but each of the notifications are also swipable – drag them to the right to open and to the left to dismiss. On Android 4.3 or later this should clear them from the shade as well. The app's settings include the ability to choose which apps get placement on the lockscreen, as well as a few screen and UI tweaks.

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Android doesn't quite support complete replacement of the lockscreen, so you're basically deactivating the built-in security features and using this app as a lockscreen. It works better than most, but it's sometimes a little slow to pop up. The pro version in-app upgrade ($2.73) includes a few advanced features like disabling the home button and custom wallpapers. Keep in mind you must add SlideLock to your accessibility or notification listener service for it to work.

SlideLock Locker
SlideLock Locker
Price: Free+