The Play Store doesn't make it easy to figure out what content you've paid for thanks to all the free apps gumming up the works. You don't have to dig through all that anymore now that My Paid Apps is a thing. It shows you all the stuff in Google Play you've spent money on and even breaks things down into categories.

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This is a new and improved version of the old app, which was just a web view that you had to log into manually. The native app uses Oauth logins and is much faster overall. My Paid Apps is broken up into tabs that automatically categorize your purchases. There are apps, in-app purchases, movies, music, and even different genres of music. The app also includes some sorting options and easy access to the Play Store listings.

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There is a known issue with this app that causes crashes on accounts with a large number of purchased apps. I'm not sure how many apps it takes, but it does crash on my main account. I am a pretty serious outlier, though.

My Paid Apps
My Paid Apps
Developer: Jens Kristian Geyti
Price: Free+