Update: That's all, folks. It looks like the deal has sold out.


Say what you will about Samsung's plastic designs and overbearing skins, the original Galaxy Note 10.1 was and is one of the more capable stylus-enabled tablets on the market. If you're looking for a good deal on the WiFi version, eBay has a refurbished model for just $229.99. That's almost $300 off the original 2012 price, and still a solid $170 off of the retail price (even for a refurbished model). 

note 10

The Galaxy Note 10.1's biggest plus is the Wacom-powered digitizer and stylus (S-pen) combo that comes standard with all members of the Note family. The Exynos 1.4Ghz quad-core processor, and especially the 2GB of RAM, should be able to handle almost all of the latest applications without any difficulty. The 1280x800 screen is outclassed by a lot of newer tablets (including the latest Nexus 7 at the same price), but if you want a stylus-enabled tablet on the large side, this is still a great deal. The last time we saw the Note 10.1 discounted, it was $70 more expensive.

eBay is offering free shipping, but unfortunately only shoppers in the the lower 48 states, Canada, and Mexico are eligible for the deal. Sales taxes will be charged if you live in Washington or Indiana. The description says that there are limited quantities of tablets available, and over 300 have already been sold. If you want one, sooner would be better than later.

eBay - Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (refurbished) - $229.99