Here's a refreshing change of pace for Android users eager to get their over-the-air updates. According to this Sprint support page, the Android 4.4 update for the HTC One is available for customers right now. But strangely, it's not going out in the usual method - users will need to initiate a manual update request in order to pull it down. If you're an Android regular, you know how this goes: check the About Phone section of the Settings menu to see if there's an update available. It's the Android version of the F5 key.

sprint update

Sprint says that everyone else will start getting the One's 4.4 update starting on February 11th, whether they ask for it or not. I love this approach: normally carriers send out the update in specified waves of customers, so a savvy Android user who's been waiting months to try the latest version of the software might have to wait behind thousands of people who couldn't care less. This way those who are excited for the update (probably a minority of overall customers) can get it right away, and more typical users will get it soon enough. All that being said, it looks like the update isn't actually rolling out right this minute - some XDA members seem to think it could be tomorrow until the download files actually become available. 

The software update (4.06.651.4) includes KitKat and version 5.5 of HTC's Sense skin with various UI tweaks and small feature adds, but beyond that Sprint isn't saying much. If indeed the update is available now or in the very near future, Sprint would be the first American carrier to get the phone on the latest version of Android. One owners, drop us a line in the comments if you've managed to get the update installed.

Source: Sprint Community