Marvel continues its onslaught of games in the Play Store, and this time they've decided to take the well-trodden road marked "endless runner." Marvel Run Jump Smash is pretty typical of the genre, and at first it looks like a carbon copy of Jetpack Joyride. But there's a surprising amount of depth beneath that cutesy exterior, and the 2D art might be enough for the one dollar entry fee alone.

You start off as a basic SHIELD agent, either Nick Fury or Maria Hill, running and jumping through a fairly typical sprite environment. Of course you'll have to avoid bad guys and obstacles while picking up coins, but you can also shoot enemies (yes!) or jump on them Mario-style. The titular Avengers serve the same function as vehicles in most endless runners: a combination shield and power-up. Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow are available from the get go, and you unlock more heroes as you go. Each one has a unique basic attack and special attack, and various power-ups and shields are scattered throughout the levels.

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Marvel Run Jump Smash isn't all that flashy, but it's much more accessible than some of Marvel's other Android games like Avengers Initiative and Avengers Alliance. Plus, it's got a tiny bobblehead Loki riding a glider. What more do you want? The game is one dollar with the usual currency-based in-app purchases, and it's available on Android devices running 2.3 Gingerbread or higher.

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