Using a virtual keyboard may not feel as natural as a physical one, but it's only the worst way to input text with a touchscreen except for all of the other ones. Swype has had the most success in revolutionizing how we enter text, as all of the major Android keyboards have since introduced gesture-based typing in subsequent upgrades, but it's far from perfect. That brings us to FlickKey Keyboard. It's a sliding keyboard that, by grouping letters into square groups of nine, aims to reduce how far across the screen our fingers need to slide.


Tapping a square enters the character in the middle. To use surrounding letters, you need to place your finger down and swipe from the center. The end result is something that feels like a blend of typing and swiping. It also comes with a unique "twin" keyboard option that creates two copies on each side of a tablet in landscape, and it, allegedly, works with smartwatches.

FlickKey3 FlickKey4 FlickKey5


FlickKey hardly looks like a revolution, but it might just be what someone's been waiting for. A 60-day free trial is available in the Play Store below.

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