The Pebble is a humble smartwatch, and this is one of its biggest strengths. It doesn't have a color screen, it can hardly do anything without being paired to a phone, and the functions it supports out of the box are very limited. But the device has the support of a large community, and this greatly expands its usefulness for people who want to do more with their $149 purchase. AutoPebble is one of the more complex apps to hit the platform, as it pretty much does for Pebble what Tasker does for Android.

What can you do with AutoPebble? That depends, what do you want to do? This app can turn the smartwatch into a TV remote, open up full length notes, pump out custom vibration patterns, display different screens during various parts of the day, perform actions whenever the watch is shaken, toggle music, and so much more. Unfortunately, this functionality comes with somewhat of a drawback. As is typically the case with complex apps, the interface isn't the easiest to navigate. Like Tasker, you may need to spend some time with AutoPebble to truly get a handle on things.

AutoPebble1 AutoPebble2

AutoPebble was released as a public beta a few weeks back, but now it's ready for general usage. Before you rush off to download it, be sure to install the Pebble 2.0 firmware first, as you won't get very far without it. Instructions for getting everything up and running are provided on the app's Play Store page.

AutoApp For Pebble
AutoApp For Pebble
Developer: joaomgcd
Price: Free+