Can you hear that? The growing din of excited Samsung fans is rising as we move ever closer to the announcement of the company's new flagship device. Samsung is rumored to be giving its UI a facelift on the Galaxy S5, and that may extend to the S Voice app. A pair of leaked screens show what appears to be the new UI for Samsung's voice assistant.

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The current S Voice app is definitely in need of an overhaul. It looked a little chunky when it was released with the Galaxy S3, and it hasn't really changed much since then. The updated UI in the images is much cleaner and flatter. There's also a menu button up at the top, which looks a bit like a work in progress. It's odd how the text slides under the button, but there is no action bar attached.

There is a resemblance between these screens and the possible "search cards" from earlier this month. These screens certainly look believable, but we'll probably have to wait for the Galaxy S5 announcement to know for sure.

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