This is 2014. We may not have flying cars, hoverboards, or self-drying jackets, but dammit, we can find new and lazier ways to eat good food. Take GrubHub (and its BFF Seamless) for example: a centralized repository of restaurants that will be more than happy to bring you food in the middle of an 8-hour League of Legends binge. Today the combined company is teaming up with Foursquare, so you don't even have to visit their website to get your grub on.


The latest update to the Foursquare Android app adds a GrubHub option for restaurants that support the company's delivery system, allowing you to browse your local eateries and order right from the app. Of course GrubHub restaurants are still a minority even in the largest cities, but according to Foursquare's blog post, they've currently got about 20,000 listings in the United States. Foursquare kindly asks that you wear pants when receiving your food.

You can tell which restaurants support GrubHub by looking for the little "gH" icon on the Foursquare page. Foursquare recommends searching for "delivery" to tighten your results. Restaurant menus have been available within Foursquare for months. Little else has changed in the new update, though the Play Store listing describes a new details page and a couple of minor bug fixes.

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