With the number of options that are out there, our smartphones have gradually become more useful for in-car navigation than dedicated GPS units. Unfortunately, holding a phone in your hand isn't the safest (or most legal) driving habit, and mounting your device to the dashboard doesn't work as gracefully as many accessories out there claim. Yet Scosche might be on to something with its latest products, the magicMOUNT magnetic mounts.


Scosche is offering magicMOUNT in multiple formats, so users can mount devices to dashboards, windshields, tabletops, or walls. Each variation works the same. Users install a "MagicPlate" on the back of their phone or tablet, inside the battery cover, or within a case. The device will then magnetically stick onto the mount


The magicMOUNT Surface, which is good for walls, is the cheapest option at $14.99. The magicMOUNT Window costs $24.99, while the general dashboard and tabletop friendly option sits between the two at $19.99. There's also a magicMOUNT Power option that plugs into your car's power outlet, but it doesn't look like it will be available for quite a while.  

magicMOUNT ($19.99)

magicMOUNT Surface ($14.99)

magicMOUNT Window ($24.99)

Source: Scosche