In the mobile world, there are a few things that are absolutely clutch to a good experience: a good phone or tablet (that's a given), a set of go-to apps, and a good set of headphones or earbuds. Not the crap that your phone may have shipped with or some knock-off junk available at the local Target for $23, but some high-quality speakers for your head. If you've never owned a good set of over-the-ear headphones, then you're missing out on what a great audio experience can be like. Fortunately for you, we happen to have three sets of the kickass V-Moda Crossfade M-100s to give away today.

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Before we get into the giveaway, let's talk a little bit about the M-100s, shall we? The most notable thing about this set of headphones is undoubtedly the fact that it was designed by "the collective brain" of audiophiles, editors, producers, and DJs – you know, people who know music and what makes a good set of headphones. V-Moda took the time to ensure the M-100s were clear and balanced, which has earned the editor's choice awards from several different publications such as Laptop Magazine and DJ Magazine.

It's not just about good sound quality, though – these headphones are downright sexy. And they have a nifty folding design and carrying case that makes it easy to throw them in your bag and not worry about 'em getting broken. Check it out (you'll be quizzed on this later):

Not only is the M-100 a killer set of headphones, but there's also an accessory called BoomPro that instantly turns it into a full headset. If you win a set of M-100s in this giveaway, we'll throw in a BoomPro, too. So really, you're getting a badass set of headphones and a good headset for gaming, talking, podcasting, or whatever else. That's a good deal for $free. Oh, and if you win, you even get to pick what color you want.

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Anyway, enough talk of what you'll get. You want to know how to get it. I understand. As always, we're using Rafflecopter for this one. Oh, and remember that video from earlier? If you didn't watch it, you should probably do that now.

This giveaway is for the US and Canada only.

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Got it? Excellent. This one's running till Tuesday, February 4th at 12:00AM (Midnight) PT. Good luck!