If you've never heard of Stack Exchange, you're missing out on some of the best Q&A-style sites on the Internet. Each site is a community built to encourage people to ask and answer questions. Reputation and badges can be earned by giving good answers and comments. With over 120 communities (and growing), there are sites dedicated to programming, server management, gaming, travel, and even anime. The one thing that has been missing was a good mobile application. That changes today with the official launch of Stack Exchange on Android.


While each site is typically an island all to itself, the app brings them all together under one unified interface. Like every community in the Stack Exchange family, you can sign into your account using Google, Facebook, a Stack Exchange account, or any OpenID provider. The app also supports skipping sign-in entirely if you're just interested in browsing.

Once you're in, it's easy to switch between communities or jump back to your personalized feed using the Navigation Drawer. All of the major activities are supported, so you won't have to jump to a browser for voting, commenting, asking questions, or posting answers. A notification count is clearly visible at the top right with an easily accessible history, à la Google+.


The app looks great and follows the Android Design Guidelines beautifully. One of the developers also took a moment to explain each of the permissions requested by the app. It turns out there was a mistake in the first release, so the GET_TASKS permission will be removed when the next version is uploaded. Otherwise, I haven't seen any bugs or issues.

Just hit the widget below to grab the app from the Play Store. This is a definite must-have for Stack Exchange users. (Android developers, I'm looking at you.)

Source: Stack Overflow Blog

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