You know what product has a really good name? SkyDrive. It's clean, unique, and it conjures up the image of what it does – cloud storage. Well, now it's OneDrive, because everything is One-something now. It's not entirely Microsoft's fault, though – it's a trademark thing.

This move became necessary after UK broadcaster BSkyB took Microsoft to court over use of the word 'sky,' which it has a trademark on across Europe. The parties came to an agreement last summer that allowed Redmond to continue using the SkyDrive moniker while it made plans for a transition to a different name.

The new name will be rolling out to all the apps and web interfaces soon. Why the delay? Microsoft is promising OneDrive will be "everything you love about SkyDrive and more." There might be some new features to go with the name, but Microsoft hasn't detailed anything yet. Before you know it you'll be using the OneDrive app on your One Plus One.

Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft OneDrive
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