Thingiverse is an awful name, but the community behind it shows far more creativity. Just a quick visit to the website reveals pages upon pages of nifty things people have spawned using 3D printers, complete with guidelines for replicating the objects yourself. Now MakerBot has condensed this community down into something that can fit in your pocket. With the new Thingiverse Android app, previously released for iOS back in October, users can browse, like, and comment on the expansive selection of plastic objects from anywhere they wish.

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Thingiverse is similar to Etsy, except instead of buying other people's creations, you print your own copy for free, as MakerBot encourages all members to release their designs under a Creative Commons license. Obviously you need a 3D printer to get full enjoyment out of this app, but assuming you have one sitting around, this could be just the way to break out of that rut of printing out the same tacky plastic coasters you have lying around the house.

Price: Free

Source: Press Release