If you've got a friend or family member who works for Motorola Mobility, you might want to bug them for a free discount on a new phone. A Motorola representative detailed the "Friends with Moto" program to Android Police: basically, it allows any Motorola employee to offer a $50 off coupon on the Moto X, $40 off the 16GB Moto G, or $30 off the 8GB Moto G. bringing the basic off-contract prices down to $350, $160, and $150, respectively.

Here's the statement from the Motorola representative:

Motorola is proud of its products and wants to share them with friends and family. The Friends with Moto program was designed so every employee can give their friends discount codes for a Moto X at just $349 off-contract or a Moto G for $149 - 8GB/$159 - 16GB. Codes would be distributed at the employee's discretion and timeline.

It works like this: the Motorola Mobility employee shares a personal URL for the Friends with Moto program with someone who wants a discount. (We've been asked not to post the URL here, and it wouldn't do you any good without knowing a Motorola employee in any case.) The applicant fills out the form, which automatically sends an email with the discount code to the Moto employee. The employee can then forward the email with the discount code to the applicant. Note that this process relies on the Moto employee to both provide the URL for the discount form and to forward the code itself.




The code is a one-time use promotion that's good for either the Moto X or Moto G discount, which you apply when checking out on Motorola's online store. It won't work for a Moto X with a carrier subsidy, and you can't use it at any retail locations. (Also, this is probably a US-only deal, though we haven't seen confirmation of this.) If you'd like a steep discount on Motorola's already cheap phones, dig through that stack of business cards.

Thanks, Zack and A.