Motorola has been taking advantage of the Play Store to distribute updates to a number of stock apps including the camera, Assist, and Touchless Control. Now the newest addition to the Play Store has popped up, and it's the stock Gallery app with a new coat of paint. The old one looked just like the stock Android/Nexus app, but now it has a light KitKat vibe.

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The mostly black theme has been transitioned to a more modern white UI. The app also adds a slide-out navigation panel in place of the dropdown list. You can use this to jump between the camera roll, timeline, and album view. Interestingly, the new Gallery app also hides the status bar, but not the navigation bar.

The app is available in Google Play, but you must be using a Moto X (on KitKat), Moto G, or 2013 DROID device. You can check out the old look below in case you're having trouble picturing it.


Motorola Gallery
Motorola Gallery
Price: Free

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