Adobe's Photoshop Express is an app we haven't actually talked about in quite some time, but with the slew of more advanced image-editing applications making their way to Android (like Snapseed, for example), Adobe thought it was time to show the aging application some love.

Today's release brings version 2.0 to the market, and it's been completely redesigned from the ground up. Adobe has taken care to ensure the app is fully compatible with KitKat, as well as optimize it to be faster than ever. Aside from that, the company has also incorporated its latest rendering engine, which is making its way to Android for the first time ever. Cool stuff.

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Otherwise, they made it easier for new users to find the stuff they're looking for, while still keeping power users happy with fine-tuning options. Version 2 also integrates with Adobe's Revel, a one-stop shop for photo management and organization. So, if you use that, the new version of Photoshop Express should make life a little easier.

Naturally, Adobe is encouraging everyone to give the updated app a try. It's also asking for your thoughts, noting that they "listen very closely when you speak."

As always, Photoshop Express is a free download – hit the widget to grab it.

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