We're all for psychedelic games around here, and if said game also happens to incorporate some sort of logical gameplay and pretty scenery, we're definitely interested. That basically describes Polymous' upcoming game God of Light, which the company recently teased. There's no point in spending countless words trying to explain the look of the game, especially considering that there's a nice video teaser that displays the gameplay perfectly:

According to Polymous' blog post about the game, you play as a little thing called "Shiny," and the goal is to reflect light off of the colorful flower-looking things in order to "save the universe from impending darkness." Sounds like a lot of responsibility for a thing named Shiny. It's probably fairly brain-intensive, but it's pretty, so it's something that should be easy to stare at for hours on end. Plus, Shiny can't do it without you. Think about Shiny.

The game will have its own specially curated score composed by UNKLE and will "immerse the audience into the beautiful game world." Sounds great.

So, when will it be out? "This quarter." That's literally all we know – so expect it sometime before March 31st, I guess. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer multiple times and read the blog post about the game. We'll let you know once it's actually available, though.