Motorola has been making a name for itself by uploading many of its pre-installed apps (both the exciting and the utterly mundane) into the Play Store where it can serve out updates more quickly, but the Google-owned company isn't the only one to make use of this approach. Today Sony has uploaded the Xperia ZI's Timeshift Burst functionality into the Play Store.

Update: According to comments, the app is also compatible with a handful of other Sony devices, including the Xperia Z, ZL, ZQ, and the Tablet Z.


This app allows the Xperia Z1 (and the Z1S) to capture 61 frames within seconds. You could call this taking the shotgun approach to photography, as a user is bound to come across a decent image in the bunch. The functionality is especially useful for getting a photo of a subject on the move.

If you already have a phone that can run this app, chances are it's already installed. Nevertheless, you're free to take a look in the Play Store below. Everyone else, sorry, you will have to settle for window shopping only.