Last week Sprint was proud to announce that it was the first carrier in the US that would let consumers pre-order the LG G Flex. All the company wanted was a $299.99 down payment and a two-year contract. Now AT&T is jumping in by delivering the same handset at the same price, though its customers also have the option to pay $26.74 for eighteen months or $34.75 for twelve with an AT&T Next plan. The carrier will begin offering pre-orders online and in stores on January 24th, with the actual availability date yet to be announced.

The G Flex is a unique phone, sure. With its curved screen and the ability to heal itself, there isn't a phone quite like it available in the US. That said, its 6-inch 1280x720 display isn't going to win any awards, and it doesn't come with anything software-wise that blows the doors off the competition (Android 4.2.2, anyone?). So with that said, it's somewhat surprising that not one, but two carriers want you to buy this phone for three hundred bucks with a two-year contract. These days you could nearly get a Nexus 5 for that price. You could even make that two or three Moto Gs, depending on which carrier you buy from.

But if you have your heart set on running a G Flex on AT&T's network, keep your eyes glued to the link below.

LG G Flex on AT&T

Source: AT&T