Samsung's "diversify and fill all niches" approach to the mobile market is starting to get on my nerves. Not because I object to having a dozen different choices at every screen size and price, but because I can't keep the hardware details for all these phones and tablets in my head. Nine months after unveiling the Galaxy Tab 3 in 7, 8, and 10-inch varieties, Samsung is back with a "Lite" variant of the smallest model.

Galaxy-Tab3-Lite_01 Galaxy-Tab3-Lite_02

Exactly why Samsung felt the need to add an even lower-end device when the Tab 3 already sells for under $150 isn't clear, especially since there isn't a price or date attached to it yet. In terms of hardware, the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite is nearly identical to the older model: same 1.2Ghz dual-core processor, same 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage (plus SD card), same lackluster 1024x600 7" screen. The Lite edition drops the front-facing camera completely (sorry, Hangouts fans) and downgrades the rear camera to a mere 2.0MP, and the side-mounted IR blaster is gone. The battery is exactly 10% smaller at 3600mAh - for comparison, the Note 3's battery is 3200mAh. The Galaxy Tab 3 Lite will run Android 4.2 with Samsung's usual TouchWiz frosting, and it will be offered in standard WiFi and 3G versions.

Galaxy-Tab3-Lite_03 Galaxy-Tab3-Lite_04

If the Tab 3 Lite can get below $100 retail (which should be doable) it might find quite a few buyers. After all, the original Tab 3 7" is one of the best-selling Android tablets out there, if only because of its low price and recognizable brand. Even so, with the primary Tab lineup due for a refresh within the next few months anyway, you've got to wonder why Samsung didn't simply wait and let the "Galaxy Tab 4" push even further towards the low end while the various Notes and Tab Pros occupy higher price points.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow