Saving money can be hard, but Level is here to help. No, it doesn't modify your behavior through aggressive negative reinforcement when you spend recklessly. However, it does link up to your bank account and help you track spending and build a plan. It's pretty too.

If you've ever set up a financial app like Mint, you'll be familiar with the process here. It can be a little bit of black magic to get things flagged correctly, but once you've pointed Level to all your income and bills, it tracks your spending and tells you how much breathing room you have. It seems to be good at automatically detecting most items, but if you have irregular income, Level might get a little confused.

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Level has a very clean minimalist UI that has all the right Android-y features. There is a slide out navigation pane, an action bar, and so on. There is even a home screen widget that tells you how much disposable income you have remaining. The app and service are completely free.

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Level Money
Level Money
Developer: Level Money, Inc.
Price: Free