Remember when Microsoft angered legions of fans by announcing that the Xbox One would require an Internet connection to use? The company reversed that decision, but thus far, the Xbox Music Android app has functioned in much the same way. Fortunately for it, streaming music is already an established thing, so there won't be nearly as many people excited to find out that the newest version of the app now supports playing playlists offline.


A single switch appears on each playlist that designates which ones should be downloaded, somewhat similar to pinning lists within Play Music. Once toggled, users should be able to take those tunes anywhere that lacks a solid data connection, like an airplane or, depending on their carrier, most of the country. Very nice.

What's new:

  • Make your playlists available offline, and listen to your favorite music on the metro, or in a plane!
  • Play your whole collection; play all by genre now available

Microsoft Groove
Microsoft Groove
Price: Free

Thanks, Beau!