Namco Bandai dropped a solid Dreamcast port of the original Soul Calibur at the end of November, and aside from its lack of multiplayer, it was as much fun as nostalgic fans would expect from a fighting game on a 5-inch touchscreen. Now the company is back with another release, and while it may not be - screw it, no intro for this game. Here are some screenshots of Hello Kitty Tap and Run.

Kitty1 Kitty4 Kitty5

Kitty2 Kitty3

Namco Bandai, I'm saddened. Jeremiah gets to relive fond childhood memories with Soul Calibur, and I get Hello Kitty? Why not Tekken? Digimon World? I'd even settle for Tank! Tank! Tank!, even though I'm mildly offended that you tried to get those of us who bought Wii Us at launch to pay $49.99 for something with only marginally more depth than a mobile game to begin with. But no. Hello Kitty Tap and Run.

Excuse me, where are my manners? There's a decent chance you clicked on this headline because you actually wanted to know about this game, and the least I can do is provide you with some info.

It's cute.

The app was not found in the store. :-(