For a root user, there's nothing more frustrating than being denied access to an app simply because they've rooted their own phone or tablet. Of course, since it's rooted, there's probably a root app for that. RootCloak has been a reliable way to get around these content and functionality blocks, and now developer DevAdvance has posted a new version that should work with even more applications.

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RootCloak Plus uses Cydia Substrate instead of the Xposed Framework that the original tool was based on. According to the developer, Cydia has access to deeper integration within Android via native calls, letting it successfully bypass root detection on even more apps. Most of the apps that are included in the default list are banking or video streaming services, but you can manually add any app you want. While the description makes sure to note that there is no surefire way to beat root detection, and some custom ROMs may be harder to work with, RootCloak Plus should do the job for most apps.

To get RootCloak Plus working you'll need to download Cydia, then RootCloak Plus, set up both, choose the applicable app, then reboot. If you're using an Android 4.4 device or ROM, you'll also need to download this app and change the SELinux mode to Permissive. I've tested the process on DirecTV's Genie app, and indeed, it seems to bypass the root check effectively. This should be a handy tool for anyone who's tired of messing with their SU app every time they need to check their bank account.

Source: XDA

RootCloak Plus (Cydia)
RootCloak Plus (Cydia)
Developer: devadvance
Price: Free