Motorola Assist has just made the jump to version 1.3, and with the update comes the expected helping of new features. Today's serving includes the ability to respond to text messages with just your voice and the option to select which music app to launch automatically when entering the car. Just be sure to select the best music app when prompted, as Assist won't necessarily dish out the most practical set of options.

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To sweeten things further, the app should now do a faster job detecting when you're driving thanks to enhancements in Motorola Contextual Services.

What's new:

  • You can now reply to incoming SMS messages using just your voice
  • Improved driving detection
  • While driving, Motorola Assist will automatically launch your favorite music app
  • Bug fixes!

For the unfamiliar, Motorola Assist is an app exclusive to the Moto X and Verizon's latest DROIDs that tries to reduce how often you need to reach for your phone. It can silence calls during meetings or when it's time for bed, for example. Version 1.3 should not only save you a few seconds when it's time to step back in the car for that evening commute, it should hopefully help you resist the urge to type out responses to SMS messages while driving, which we all know just isn't smart.

Motorola Assist
Motorola Assist
Price: Free

Source: Motorola, Google+