If you've got a Qualcomm-powered, international Galaxy Note 3 and an appreciation for up-to-date software, you might want to check out the latest official leaked ROM from SamMobile. They've posted a purported test build for the KitKat 4.4.2 update of the Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 (that's the Snapdragon 800 model with LTE bands). This leak comes just two days after the Android 4.4 build for the Galaxy S4.

Screenshot_2014-01-12-19-57-28 Screenshot_2014-01-12-19-57-59 Screenshot_2014-01-12-20-03-13

Changes include all the usual KitKat goodies, plus a tweaked TouchWiz visual theme (with white battery, service, Wifi, clock, etc. icons), and a camera shortcut on the lockscreen. Benchmark scores are generally improved on the KitKat build, and of course users have access to the new experimental Android Runtime (ART). According to SamMobile, which is pretty good about this sort of thing, the build is very near the final stage and probably won't be changed much when the over-the-air update is released.

The N9005XXUENA6 firmware is intended for the SM-N9005 model only - that generally means non-US models sold for LTE carriers. It almost certainly won't work for any of the US variants of the phone, even AT&T and T-Mobile. (It will probably be a couple of months at least before American carriers start pushing Samsung 4.4 builds.) If you're upgrading a stock phone, keep in mind that flashing via Samsung's Odin desktop software will wipe your personal data. Root users will lose access to root-enabled apps, perhaps indefinitely. If none of that deters you, SamMobile has the files, tools, and instructions at the source link below.

Source: SamMobile