Update: SamMobile has posted a write-up with more pictures. Yup, the Neo looks like a 9/10th scale Galaxy Note 3. You can see the rest here.

Neo_1 Neo_4

If you're looking for a big Samsung smartphone, but one that's not quite as big (or as expensive) as the Galaxy Note 3, you may soon be in luck. SamMobile posted a photo of what they're calling the "Galaxy Note 3 Neo" to their Twitter account, showing what looks like a carbon copy of the standard Note 3 in a slightly smaller size. Aside from the model number, SM-N750 or SM-N755, no other information was posted.

We've heard of the Note 3 Neo before in a leaked specification sheet that laid out all the important hardware details. It's an interesting device since it appears to be a slightly upgraded version of the Note 2, using 2GB of RAM, an 8MP camera, and an identical 720p 5.55" screen. The last point would seem to be confirmed by this photo. If it wasn't for the "1.7Ghz dual + 1.3Ghz quad-core Hexa processor," support for USB 3.0, and a bump up to Android 4.3, the specifications would be identical to 2012's Note refresh. The biggest difference would seem to be the design of the case, which mirrors the Note 3 with its sharper corners and (allegedly) faux stitched leather back.

The Note 3 Neo would looks like a affordable alternative to the top-of-the-line Galaxy Note 3, which is a bit odd, since the Galaxy Mega was supposed to be Samsung's low-cost option for customers who wanted a big screen. I suppose they're hoping that the stylus support and "style" of the Note 3 will translate to a few more mid-range sales whenever the Note 3 Neo comes to market. We still haven't seen anything official from Samsung about this model, though an announcement at Mobile World Congress in six weeks would make sense.

Source: SamMobile Twitter