The myLIFTER has managed to double its $50k Kickstarter funding goal with five days to spare. Why should you care? Well, this project is a "smart" lifting device that users can control using their smartphones or tablets via a Bluetooth connection, but Android compatibility is a stretch goal, one that required $100,000 to meet. That's right, support for the myLIFTER has now risen high enough to pique our interest.

myLIFTER is a motorized device that, once attached to your ceiling, can lift up and store objects where they are out of the way. It's perfect for use in garages where bicycles that only get used twice a year remain a near-permanent threat to the cars that have to park next to them every evening. With myLIFTER, you can simply hang those bikes from the ceiling.


Sure, you could just store that bike on hooks manually, but you didn't come to this site for DIY house projects. You came here for the scoop on apps, so lets cut to it. The myLIFTER companion app will not only let users with Android 4.3 or higher raise and lower heavy objects on command, it can remember specific heights, so it always know precisely how far down it should bring down that bike when it's time to load up the top of that Subaru Outback and pay the great outdoors a visit.

Each hook is capable of supporting up to 100 pounds, doubled from 50 thanks to the stretch goal getting surpassed. Multiple units can work together, making it possible to hang intimidatingly heavy objects from the ceiling. Enjoy watching house guests rush under nervously as they, like the many that came before them, don't exactly trust your comforting smile. Those thin ropes will hold? Sure. (Okay, they're stainless steel cables, but if your friends are anything like me, they won't care in the slightest).


If you want to find out for yourself just how much the myLIFTER can hold, you still have five days left to jump in on the campaign. $125 will get you a single myLIFTER unit once they start shipping out in May of this year. $395 will get you four. And if anyone I know decides to pick up a couple, remind me not to look up the next time I'm over.


Source: Press Release